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Building Healthy Habits

for a Life with No Limits.

Building Healthy Habits

for a Life with No Limits.

Claire Wollard

Claire Wollard, CFNC

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Hi! I’m Claire Wollard, a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor based in The Woodlands, Texas. Thanks for stopping by my page! I work with individuals who are looking to address the root cause of their health issues through diet and lifestyle modification.

What I specialize in:

Counseling Services

FREE 30-Minute
New Client Introductory Call

Claire Wollard

This FREE 30 minute session serves as a way to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Premier Counseling Membership Package

Claire Wollard Market

This package is a minimum of 3 months with in-depth health and nutrition evaluation and consultation.

Clinical Grade

The safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade supplements.

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